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We are living in a completely different age than in the past. Today, we have technology that enables us to do things that were literally science fiction not very long ago. In this article, we will look at the ways that smart home systems can be used for businesses. We will explain the differences between the needs of a business and the needs of a private individual, examine the various systems available on the market today, and attempt to understand why, as business owners, you need to consider this option. It sounds like we have quite a bit of work to do. So let’s get started.

What are we actually talking about

A smart home sounds like some sort of magic. Who doesn’t want to enter the company’s offices or a showroom and watch as lights turn on by themselves, the air conditioner cools the air to a precise temperature, and an electronic robot hums in the background as it polishes the floors. It sounds like utopia, but the truth is that it isn’t a futuristic description or a magic trick. Thanks to developments in recent years, the use of smart electrical systems has allowed us to transform any business into a place that is more sophisticated, saves more energy, and is seamlessly managed. Before we discuss all of the advantages of the different systems, we will start with a quick overview of the various options available to us:

The first option is to install a wired system

There are a few ways that we can control electronic devices at our business and anywhere where a smart electrical system is installed. The first, as aforementioned, is a wired system. This means that during the installation process, electrical wires are connected to the various devices and control is transferred to a control panel. The smart switch will show you what is happening wherever you are in the country and allow you to perform any operation from one location, instead of walking between different rooms. This includes entry control, turning off the lights, turning on the air conditioner in different rooms, and so forth.

The second option is to connect devices to a wireless system

Thanks to the internet, we can transfer control to a mobile phone and make decisions about what is happening at your property from your car as you sit in traffic, or even from your bedroom at home. By the way, it is not necessary to choose one option or the other. It is possible to combine the two alternatives in order to enjoy the best of both worlds. Of course, it is always a good idea to consult with professionals and choose the most precise solution with them for your needs and your business.

It is also important to mention in this context that we do everything in our power to help you achieve the best possible user experience, making the system easily accessible so that you have full control. In addition, installation of a smart home system does not have to interfere with aesthetic considerations. Today, we have the tools to bring you the very best without harming the design of the business.

The differences between the needs of a corporate customer and the needs of an individual

While installation of this type of product is somewhat of a luxury for the private customer, when it comes to you, we are looking at a real necessity. It doesn’t matter if you own a large business, with a series of offices and properties, or a small restaurant. You know better than anyone else that without your full control over everything happening at the business, the enterprise you built with your two hands will not thrive. What are the advantages of this system and how can it provide a precise solution specifically for business owners and corporate sector customers:

  1. It helps you save money and energy: We are not just referring to smart energy consumption in order to protect the environment, although that is also an important cause. We are talking about using the system so that you can turn off the air conditioner that was left running by accident in the warehouse or the kitchen and is costing you money. We are talking about correct usage of lighting, so that the business is illuminated by sunlight during the day and the lights are turned on in the evening without any intervention on your part. This system saves your energy; you don’t need to worry at home about whether you forgot to activate the alarm and need to go back to the office. Thanks to the system, you can simply turn the alarm on right from your mobile phone and remain in the comfort of your own home.
  2. The system gives you control over what is happening in real time: This is advanced technology that includes, among other features, control over security cameras, entry control, and more. In this way, you will know whether something is happening in real time, when you are in a meeting far away or simply at home. You can also be confident that the cameras are recording everything, in the event that the need arises to provide law enforcement officials with the videos.
  3. 3. A simple tool that will increase the value of the property and your customer’s experience:We are moving toward the future, and anyone who looks ahead will say the same thing. If you invest in installing an advanced system today, not only will your customers notice and get the impression that you are professionals who take your work very seriously, but if you want to later sell the property or lease it, you will be able to make a nice profit on it, simply because you managed to keep up with the times.
What working with us looks like?

As we mentioned, business owners are looking for a specific solution tailored to their needs. At Youran Systems, we are very familiar with the market and have been working with business owners all over the country for years. It is important for us to say that we do everything in our power to bring you the most cutting-edge products that will provide you with the best user experience in the long run. After all, you aren’t planning on having to call an electrician every three days in order to fix yet another malfunction. You want to receive, and justifiably so, excellent service so that you won’t need to put any thought into maintenance and will be able to simply enjoy the benefits of your smart upgrade. That is exactly why we’re here, with a range of phenomenal products and devices.

You won’t just find advanced equipment and tools from us; we also provide you with a wonderful team of dedicated You won’t just find advanced equipment and tools from us; we also provide you with a wonderful team of dedicated employees. Every building or space is built slightly differently, which is why we never plan on installing the same system in exactly the same spot and configuration. We always start the process by getting to know you, the customer, and understanding what you are really looking for. Afterward, we will send you several proposals, so that you can choose the best option for you. At the end of the process, we will arrive with a great team of dedicated employees who will install the products, verify that everything works smoothly, and of course, will remain available if you have any questions or issues in the future.

Now is your time to grow and flourish

If you stand still, you fall backward, as the saying goes, and we wholeheartedly agree. The truth is that anyone interested in transforming their vision into a successful business, attracting more customers, or continuing to manage a bustling business, must always keep moving forward and choosing the next correct step. We are thankful for the opportunity to support business professionals and entrepreneurs throughout the country on this journey. We would be happy to be there for you too, with superb products and especially competitive prices. For more information and answers to your personal questions, we’re waiting here for you.


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