Security Systems

What happens in your house or place of business when you are not there? ? It does not matter at all if we left home for a two-week vacation or for a few hours on our morning routine – this is a question that concerns us all from time to time. We want to know that our home is indeed our fortress and feel protected.

The pace that characterizes today’s modern lifestyle, made security and control systems a critical component in every home. Many people have become aware of the particularly high importance of their alarm system. That’s why many people put in efforts and resources to make sure they have a system designed to detect a break-in and unauthorized entries to houses and buildings.

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Real time alarm for your sense of security

Youran Systems’ industry leading smart security solutions allow you to set up a comprehensive system and always keep one eye open on your property.

We offer, among other security solutions, alarm and CCTV systems, and managed entrance control solutions at the highest level, ensuring your sense of security whether you are out, or sleeping in your bed.

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Our systems ensure:


Comprehensive monitoring




real time capturing


Full real time control

Smart security systems give you real-time alerts

Smart IP Cameras

Allows you to watch everything that happens in your complex, with motion detection face recognition features, including the possibility of hearing at any time through a dedicated application that can be installed on any smart device.

Multiple features in one system

An array of detectors sensors and cameras connected under one wireless system will allow you to be updated at any time on any potential threat. Any suspicious movement or attempted intrusion into the building will trigger an alert that will go straight to your smart devices and update law enforcement forces.

Smart IP intercom system

Convert any door to a smart door easier than ever

The system connects to your existing locks and can be easily integrated to all lock types and to your external doorbell.

โ—Š The system consists of motion sensors allowing real time alerts

โ—Š 180ยฐ wide lens HD camera with night vision

โ—Š You can have a video call, and open or lock the door through an app that you install on your mobile or any smart device

โ—Š The system can be connected to your security cameras at home.

โ—Š The system interfaces with your smart home system

โ—Š Integrated visitor history with free storage

These solutions allow you to monitor your home/business/building and stay calm.

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Equip your home base with leading security solutions

A true sense of security has no price. We put at your disposal all the knowledge gained over years of experience and world-leading security solutions to help you form a stable wall around your compound and enjoy unprecedented peace of mind. Together, we will adapt the ideal system to your needs – from alarm systems to smart cameras.

Want to enjoy hermetic and user-friendly security systems?

The Youran Systems team is available for any questions you may have. Just contact us and learn all about it.