Home Automation

We’ve all been there You are making your way back from work, longing for a hot shower as soon as you get home. Maybe you left the house and you don’t remember if you turned off the boiler, the lighting or the air conditioners? Did you know there is a solution that will help you be freer than ever? A solution that will provide you with calmness and peace of mind! Get to know the smart electrical systems by Youran Systems that will allow you to adapt all the electrical systems at home precisely to your lifestyle. Through a friendly digital interface operated from a dedicated application available for operation from any smart device, it is possible to control, activate/schedule many options in advance from one place.

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ืชืžื•ื ื” ืœื”ืžื—ืฉื” - ืคืงืงื™ ืชื ื•ืขื”

KNX standard

The KNX standard is the international standard for home automation systems that gradually replaces the well-known standard electricity. It is the first communication protocol in the world for automation solutions. KNX smart electricity enables full integration of all electrical systems in the house, allowing to securely control everything that happens in your home, business or building with the help of a single interface.

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It is our mission to allow a smarter and better quality of life

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Over the years, we have become familiar with a wide variety of needs and lifestyles of property owners. These experiences allow us to give you a personalized experience and provide creative solutions to a variety of challenges.

Together, we will learn and characterize the conditions that will allow you to feel at home and get the most out of using it, and we will design the system that will meet these conditions in the best possible way.

From the initial system planning to maintenance, improvements, and expansions of the system over the years, we are available for you at any time and are always ready to assist you in any need.

The Youran Systems’ team is proud to be your professional partner in planning an optimal living experience for your needs. Today, more than ever, smart technological solutions and design solutions are marching together towards the housing solutions of the future. Together, we will design a living experience that will improve your quality of life and will optimally adapt to the routine of all users.

All you have to do is choose us, and we are at your disposal

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A team of talented programmers and experts is with you throughout the process

Youran Systems

The technology that will take you into the future

We at Youran Systems have the technological solutions, professional knowledge, and skilled staff to provide you with the convenience of use you always wanted at home. To learn more about the advantages of the system and the options available to you, leave details on the website now and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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So, what are you waiting for?

Contact us today and enjoy an experience that will create a smart technological environment. We will be happy to be at your disposal from Monday to Thursday between 10:00-17:00.