Smart Home – The Future is Already Here

We often take technological advancements for granted, but the truth is that we all remember that not many years ago, the idea of being able to turn on the lights at home using your phone or by clapping your hands seemed like a scene straight out of a sci-fi film or maybe from Harry Potter. Yet here we are today, in the twenty-first century, and technological developments have simply enabled us to do things that we could not have dreamed of in the past. If you would like to take this advancement one step further and bring it into your home, now is the time. In this article, we will explore what it means to have a smart home what exactly it entails, what types of different systems exist, and what the advantages are of installing this type of infrastructure. Stay with us – it’s going to be captivating.

How does a smart home system work

Before we dive into the pros and cons, let’s discuss the technicalities. After all, none of you actually think that the lights at home just suddenly turn on like some sort of magic trick, right? In practice, there are two types of systems. The first is based on a wired connection, using physical electrical wires. While the wires are hidden in the wall or behind an aesthetically placed cover, the source of control has essentially been transferred from the electrical appliance to a control panel, or what we call: smart switches. For example, we can transfer control over the light fixture in the girls’ bedroom to the control panel in the master bedroom, making it possible to turn off the light without entering the room and waking up the children. This is just one example. Using an advanced control panel, it is possible to control the alarm system, the intercom, the home entertainment system, and all of the electrical systems at home.

Another option is to connect the electrical appliances via a wireless connection. Thanks to the internet, it is possible to connect to the smart home system in your home and turn on the hot water heater while you’re sitting in traffic, or activate the alarm system if you forgot to set it before you left, and so forth.

Each of these options has its advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to remember that when you work with excellent professionals, it is possible to integrate between these two alternatives to create the setup that best suits your needs.

The advantages of these systems

Now that we understand how exactly a smart home system works and what smart switches are, we must ask: why install such a system in the first place? There are those who will say that the installation costs are not worth the final result, and others who are worried about security breaches that would enable hackers to abuse the system. But we are here to dissipate those concerns and explain why installing this type of system is in fact the next logical step in the new world, in today’s reality.

Don’t worry, the system is secured against hackers

Those who are concerned that installing a smart home system could enable hackers to hurt members of their household can breathe a sigh of relief. Today, we can honestly say that the products on the market are so advanced that it is possible to say that a smart home system can be used to increase personal home security, not the opposite.

It is worth knowing that installation of this type of mechanism saves you money

Anyone who is slightly familiar with the energy consumption world knows that not only does excess electricity consumption harm the environment, but overuse of power and other resources also costs you more money at the end of the month. A smart home allows you to control the temperature at home, correctly utilize solar power and turning on the hot water heater only when needed, without worrying that someone will forget to switch it off. The investment for installing the system is also returned, since it significantly increases the value of your property.

So what do we do now?

If you are interested in installing a smart home mechanism in your private home or workplace, you are welcome to contact us and we will gladly recruit our skilled and dedicated team to execute the job as best as we can, according to your specific needs. Don’t hesitate; let’s start working together today.