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Our home cinema room will offer you the ultimate indulging viewing experience without ever leaving your home

Cutting edge systems

We are committed to provide you with systems that spearheads advanced technology and uncompromising quality

Innovative design

We put a significant emphasis on innovative design that will compliment your home design

An experience that crosses

Have you always dreamed of turning your home living room into a cinema at the highest standards? This dream has never been so close to reach. Youran Systems plan, distributes, and installs the world’s leading home theater systems for you. We have the professional skill, planning know-how and ideal technological solutions to allow you to enjoy a perfect viewing experience without ever leaving home.

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Home theater rooms that offer
an experience
deep and sharp

Our many years of professional knowledge in system design in accordance with various requirements, along with the advanced technological solutions available today, are an integral part of the added value we bring with us to each project.

From floor or wall-mounted concealable speakers that provide you with an immersive and unique surround sound experience, to smart screens and laser projectors with up to 12K resolution, there is no limit to what can be achieved with the right equipment. We will ensure the highest acoustic environment and mats and proper lighting solution for an optimal experience. Over the years, we have accompanied many homeowners across the country and helped them design a movie theater that turns every night a family movie into an exciting adventure.


A leading team

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Youran Systems is home to a wide range of smart solutions. Together, we will help you plan a living experience that will make the most of your home and allow all homeowners to enjoy all that smart home technologies have to offer. To design a home theater room that will take the whole family’s quality of life to new heights, all you have to do is leave details here and we will get back to you soon with an affordable offer.

Audio systems

Featuring cutting edge technology

Modern design

Complimenting your home design

Screens/laser projectors

At 12K quality