Upgrade Your Time Outdoors With an Advanced Sound System for the Garden

אודיו מתקדם לגינה

In Israel, we love sitting and spending time outside in the yard, for family meals, to host friends and relatives, holidays and other special occasions. Today, more than ever, it is possible to transform your garden or porch to a much more inviting and pleasant space, by adding quality music and sound to your outdoor space. You can do so using advanced audio solutions for the garden and special outdoor speakers, planned, sold, and installed by Youran Systems.

We specialize in advanced, personalized technology systems, and one of our main fields that we especially love is the world of professional, quality audio systems, including specially-fitted external speaker systems that are classy in design, made especially for outdoors, and very high quality.

Audio solutions for the garden from Youran Systems are specifically planned and designed for outdoor conditions, yet still supply excellent sound quality. Today, we will survey the field of external speakers for the garden and porch, and we will explain the advantages of installing such a system and how you too can bring your garden up to new levels.

What are external speakers for the garden?

First of all, let’s understand what makes speakers intended for outdoor use different. In contrast with standard speakers – active or passive – intended for indoor use and audio conditions between walls and a ceiling, a garden audio system is planned and built specifically for use outside. Therefore, these are speakers that can fully tolerate any weather, from the strong rays of sun typical in Israel to rainfall.

But being waterproof is definitely not the only thing that makes garden speakers special! In addition, the speakers that we work with at Youran Systems provide excellent, rich sound quality, despite their components that are weatherproof and can tolerate outdoor conditions, and despite being installed out in the open.

This beautiful sound quality is achieved via smart engineering solutions and a lot of research and development, as well as the application of very sophisticated production and audio technologies. This provides you with balanced frequencies, deep and precise bass, clear notes, and perfect enjoyment of your music.

Aesthetically suited for any garden style

If, when you think of outdoor garden speakers, you immediately imagine something that looks like a simple Bluetooth speaker, or perhaps ugly, square boxes that are “stuck” in your garden, you are in for a surprise. The garden speakers that we at Youran Systems market and install incorporate beautifully into your garden, adding a stylistic touch that enhances the atmosphere.

There are a range of speakers that come in various colors, shapes, and designs (including speakers for the garden that look like stones!), so your outdoor sound system can be fully tailored to the design, size, and appearance of your garden. The speakers can be placed right inside the garden and low down on the ground; they can be installed on walls, posts, pergolas, and so forth. Every system can be personalized for your sound preferences as well as your aesthetic preferences.

What about wires for the speakers?

Important question! For perfect sound quality and comfortable long-term use, outdoor speakers needs to be wired with designated cables and they are not wireless. In this context as well, the technology is in our favor. In most cases, all of the wires for speakers throughout the garden are spread and installed under the surface, with special, designated infrastructures and to achieve an especially discreet and aesthetic result.

The speakers can be connected to your home audio system or to a separate, completely external sound system, with all of the operating and control options that you can imagine

Advantages of outdoor speakers and garden audio systems

  • • Upgrades and creates a lovely garden ambiance by adding enjoyable, quality music. Audio that creates a unique experience!
  • • Excellent integration and very easy to operate to create optimal sound coverage in the garden and interface with audio systems of your choice.
  • • Significantly improves the entertainment and hosting possibilities in your yard.
  • • Increases the value and singularity of your home or property.

Personalization by the sound experts at Youran Systems

In audio and sound systems, correct and smart adaptation of the audio equipment, speakers, positioning, technologies, and other parameters that contribute to the quality and enjoyment of your system are especially important. This is even more relevant when it comes to installing an audio system in challenging conditions, such as in a garden.

Therefore, it is very important to use experienced professionals who have proven their expertise in the field of external audio, including planning and personalizing speakers for the garden, as well as the process of installing the speakers and the integrative system for all of the interfaces needed.

The sound experts at Youran Systems offer this very combination of skills and would be happy to advise you and tailor the perfect, trustworthy audio solution for your garden – contact us for more information and to schedule a consultation right in your garden!


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