Command and control system

It’s time to move on to smart solutions that will allow you to centralize your control of all the electrical systems in your home under one user-friendly solution. Youran Systems provides you with an advanced control and monitoring system with a convenient interface that allows full two-way control. With a few clicks from any mobile device, you can completely control the turn, shutters, air conditioning and a variety of other elements in your home.

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A few words about the Control 4 company

Control 4 is an American based global company, and a leading manufacturer and specialist in the development of systems in the field of smart home solutions. Control 4’s systems enable the command and control of all smart electrical systems such as lighting, blinds, air conditioners and all home audio and video systems. The company has a wide range of very high-quality control products with innovative design.

Who can benefit from our system?

  • ย People looking for a smart and efficient remote controlled home experience.
  • People/business owners who are looking for a solution to reduce electricity consumption.
  • ย For anyone interested in enjoying a comfortable and advanced living experience.
  • ย For Shomrei Shabbat.
  • ย Tech enthusiasts.
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The end to complicated and clumsy equipment

Our control and monitoring system allows convenient automation of a variety of uses in the home systems and to schedule the activation of devices and infrastructures according to your personal uses and daily routine. The control system will control all the televisions in the house, whole allowing you to adjust the lighting system, the air conditioners, and the security systems from any television.

Our command-and-control system does not require complicated control panels or a remote control that will make us look for it all around the house. Our system can be easily controlled via a dedicated application installed on your smartphone, tablet, and any digital device in use. Thus, through a single digital interface, your living experience is always at your fingertips.

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One command and control system for all home infrastructure

From playing music and controlling the sound with a click to turning off the lights, water heater or air conditioner, your system connects you to all the appliances in the house and allows you to control them from anywhere in the world. . It has never been so convenient, simple, and affordable to make your home smarter.

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Command and Control

Allows customized command and control according to your requirements and integrates with existing electrical systems

Remote control

Control 4 systems can be controlled anytime and anywhere using mobile devices, tablets, smart watches, computers

User friendly

A friendly and easy to use system

efficiency and comfort

Enables: comfort, peace of mind and an efficient and comfortable environment

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