In Good, Safe Hands: Advanced and Professional Security Systems

מצלמת אבטחה מחברת ברווגן

The following article is for both private and corporate customers, because when it comes to our personal safety, no one wants to compromise. For many years, people have searched for the best methods of protecting themselves from thieves, robbers, and unsavory characters. Anyone who has visited Europe has surely seen the tall fortresses, surrounded by a moat, used centuries ago to protect against enemies. Today, we don’t need to dig a moat and fill it with crocodiles in order to keep safe. Thanks to technology, any property can be easily protected. We at Youran Systems would like to share with you everything there is to know about the new developments in the field of home security.

What you receive from an advanced security system?

While they all fall under the category of security systems, the truth is that professionals in this field divide the products into three categories. Each category provides a different solution for the customer:

  1. 1. System for real-time monitoring and transfer of information: This is an alarm system that is activated instantly to scare away burglars as well as send a message to us. It is possible to connect a mobile phone to the different systems, so that even if you are not in the area, you will receive all of the relevant information.
  2. 2. Recording devices: Security cameras are meant to deter burglars of course, but they also record everything that happens and collect the information. If necessary, the video and audio records can be sent to law enforcement officials, to ensure that justice is served with the intruders.
  3. 3. Intercom for monitoring and checking who enters the house: While intercoms have been in use for many years, significant technological innovations have been introduced in this field in recent years. An intercom allows you to decide who can enter the home and who must remain outside, not only based on an audio call, but also by providing you with the ability to see the face of the person waiting at the entrance. By the way, this system can also be connected to your mobile phone, so that you can open the front door without even getting off the couch.

The advantages of new systems in the market

There are a few reasons why we encourage our customers to choose advanced devices to protect their homes:

First – full control over what is happening at your home or business

Whether you’re going out for a romantic dinner and leaving the kids at home, or stepping out of your business to attend meetings around town, we give you the keys to control everything that is going on in real time.

Second – an advanced system allows you to turn the alarm on or off even remotely

The days of sending law enforcement officials recordings that do not actually show a clear picture of anyone are over.

These are more advanced, precise, and effective systems

The days of sending law enforcement officials recordings that do not actually show a clear picture of anyone are over. Today, you can enjoy the image quality of truly sophisticated and effective security cameras.

Coming to you and accompanying you throughout the process

The circumstances differ for each customer, so the service that we provide is adjusted accordingly. We believe that our job is not just to import excellent devices from the leading companies in the world, but also to understand with you what you are looking for and how we can help. We invite you to give us a call today. Together, we’ll choose the products that will help you feel calmer and safer. Eagerly anticipating your call.


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