Home cinema and smart home solutions

If you’ve always had a dream to enjoy a perfect viewing experience without leaving home, today more than ever, the sound and smart home technologies allow you to fulfill it. With the technologies available today in home media devices, we can turn our living room into a cinema that does not fall short in quality from what awaits us today in the leading commercial cinemas out there. From sound systems that offer an immersive experience in digital sound to real 12K quality screens, this is a real pleasure for film lovers.. With seamless integration and advanced control and automation solutions, we at Yoran Systems design the ideal home theater room for you.

Your entertainment content follows you everywhere

Why limit your viewing experience to one space when you can share your movies, music and all your other multimedia content to any point in the house? With an array of smart screens connected to the Wi-Fi network, content can be loaded from all your connected digital devices with a perfect viewing experience. With one click, you can watch videos from your phone on your home theater system, stream music from the whole family’s digital devices on any speaker in the house and continue the movie you started in the living room in your bedroom without missing a second.

Wireless and seamless control from any device

Smart movie and media systems allow you to control all your home sound and viewing systems easily with the help of a dedicated, easy-to-use app You can easily adjust the volume, balance, and image quality with a few clicks on your phone or tablet from anywhere in the house

A better viewing experience than ever

Youran System’s team of acoustic experts will arrive to your venue examine all the elements that affect the quality and flow of sound in the space. This assessment allows us to place the speakers and all the system components for you in a way that will ensure a first-class tonal experience.

With the right system and a professional team that will accompany you through the process, all your system components can be placed around the house, so that your favorite sounds will accompany you from any point and allow you to enjoy an enveloping, higher quality media experience than ever. . The audio technologies currently available to homeowners are more advanced than ever and the quality of viewing and the added value it brings to our lives is accordingly.

A tremendous contribution to your property value

Eventually, whether it is an office space, a business venue or a home, people buy much more than a property- they want to buy an experience and opportunities to improve their quality of life. . According to surveys conducted among thousands of real estate agents, homes with home theater and smart home infrastructure are sold at a much rate than average in the initial list price. In practice, this means that these advanced systems can significantly increase the value of your property.

The ideal solution for any event at home

A smart home theater system turns your home into the ideal venue for gatherings. Have you always dreamed of organizing a World Cup event with an extraordinary viewing experience for all your friends and family? Want to make movie night into a tradition with your family? No matter what the social event, a smart cinema system makes your home spaces more attractive than ever.

The right professionals make all the difference

When it comes to smart solutions for the residential experience, Youran Systems is your ideal professional address For years, we have helped our clients tailor their smart home systems to their unique needs and enjoy solutions that makes every day in their home an enriching and exciting experience.
Want to learn more about the variety of smart solutions available to you and enjoy comprehensive service throughout your entire system’s life cycle? Leave details your details and our team will get back to you soon.

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