The importance of the Wi-Fi network for the smart home

In just a few years, access to an Internet connection has turned from a luxury to a basic necessity. Today, when connected digital solutions are used by us in all areas of life, the occasions when we can spend more than a few hours without having access to a stable and high-quality connection are rare. Now, the digital revolution is reaching our living experience and the importance of a fast, high-quality and stable network is becoming more relevant than ever. From security solutions that provide real-time alerts to optimizing the use of all electrical appliances in your home, smart home technologies currently provide us with unprecedented opportunities to improve the quality of life.

Why is a strong Wi-Fi connection important in a smart home?

Today it is hard to imagine how our daily routine would be conducted without stable connectivity. The Internet has become our central communication infrastructure used by us to consume content, manage communication, work from home and even make purchases and receive medical services. Our needs change and so do our demands from the home internet. We want to download heavy files, use applications in the cloud, correspond on WhatsApp and watch Netflix and all this without losing even a fraction of the speed and stability during use. Now that all home systems can be connected to one system and controlled remotely, our ability to manage our home infrastructure depends more than ever on our internet.

After all, we wouldn’t want to remotely turn on the boiler on a cold and windy day and find out when we get home that the network is down and the command didn’t go through, or try to turn off the air conditioner in the living room when we’re already curled up in bed and find out that the connection falters again. When it comes to security solutions, this challenge is becoming more pressing than ever. Smart security systems that combine cameras, detectors and real-time alerts for digital devices need a permanent connection to ensure our sense of security.

How can the quality of the network be improved in the smart home?

Now that we have understood the importance of a quality network for managing the smart home, an obvious question arises – how will we ensure that all solutions are always available to us without network collapse or connection slowdowns? After all, we’ve all been in that movie before. Suddenly the network starts to crawl, applications start to freeze and we have to refresh the connection to continue using. When the air conditioner, the blinds, the media and security systems and even the lighting in the house depend on the connection, such inconvenience can make life unbearable. To ensure that we can get the most out of our smart home, these are some things that can keep the network stable.

use a dedicated router

Users of smart home systems often make a mistake that can cost them dearly. To save costs, they purchase smart home components independently, believing that their home router will be able to withstand all the load. There’s a reason we get the router for free (or at least for a fraction of the cost) from our ISP. In most cases the router cannot withstand the load required to manage all the home infrastructure. Therefore, it is recommended to contact professionals who specialize in smart home solutions who can provide you with a router that fits your needs and will allow you to enjoy an optimal user experience.

Multiple access points

It is important to make sure that there are several access points in the house that will ensure full coverage at every point in the house.

prevent signal blocking

It is important to make sure that there are no objects in the space that could block the signal and cause interference in the connection in different spaces in the house. There are many electrical elements and objects that may cause interference – from underfloor heating and communication systems to microwaves, insulation solutions and even Wi-Fi networks from the neighboring house. A comprehensive inspection of the house before installation will ensure that the connection remains stable.

A comprehensive solution for all your smart home needs

The Yoran Systems team is at your disposal from the planning stage and helps you set up the smart home system that will serve you in the best way. From the Wi-Fi network to the smallest component, we are with you from the initial system planning to ongoing maintenance. For more information, you can leave details on the website.

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